Robin interviewed on the Roads to Liberty Podcast

Here is the video of my interview with the Roads to Liberty Podcast.

Download: Interviewed with Roads to Liberty

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– Or on the facebook page.

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One thought on “Robin interviewed on the Roads to Liberty Podcast

  1. Mystikos

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet (I’m looking forward to it – as I do any Robin Pierson content), but I am alarmed by Robin’s choice of interview host. I read their Facebook page – they do things like endorse Alex Jones (who got his supporters to harass Sandy Hook survivors and spread lots of other nonsense) and post lots of other pretty repellent right-wing memes. There’re openly Nazi-supporting posters.

    Libertarianism and Anarcho-Capitalism are ludicrous political and economic ideologies to begin with (their ahistoricism is one of their worst offenses), but these particular representatives of that movement are simply beneath the rigorous, academic, and serious character of the History of Byzantium podcast.

    Please check out the guys you give content to, Robin! These people are not worth tarnishing yourself with.

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