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Hello everyone,

Most of you will now be used to hearing adverts before each episode of the podcast. The money from these ads is now a vital part of keeping me podcasting full time. However a few listeners have asked me if they could pay to not hear adverts before each episode. So I’ve put a survey below for anyone interested. If enough people would like an ad-free feed I will try and set one up.

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2 thoughts on “Ad-free feed

  1. shadda

    To be honest, I *rarely* hear any ads. I did for a time when you first announced you’d be doing it, but in between I’d get nothing. Lately I’ve been getting them again infrequently but they’re always fairly jarring and bizarre, like the one I got last night for “Vagisil extra strength odor protection”

  2. Ærən Freeman

    I agree — I don’t mind ads in podcasts, but your ad service provides some really jarring and inappropriate content that reminds me of cheap radio advertisement. I find it so disruptive that I have not been listening to the podcast as much lately to avoid hearing the ads. It would be much better if you read sponsors’ ads on-air during the show as many other podcasters do.

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