Byzantine Stories. Episode 7 – Women in the Roman World. Part 1 – The Lesser Sex

Tarquin and Lucretia by Titian (1571)

Tarquin and Lucretia by Titian (1571)

In Part 1 we examine the ideological world of Roman gender. Women were dismissed as second class by religion, philosophy and medicine. We also explore the practical and legal limits on their freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Byzantine Stories. Episode 7 – Women in the Roman World. Part 1 – The Lesser Sex

  1. S P Pack

    listener Mr S P Pack
    wonders, on the question regarding women in the Roman world, if there where ‘any effects’ from the deallings with neigbouring Etruscans??

    As the culturally different and wealthy Etruscans had perhaps very equal rights for woman…
    I know the Etrucans where eventually deffeted through Roman coruption, by allowing some invidual people greater wealth and control in some council positions..

    So i have 2 questions:
    1) where the Etruscans ‘Ethinically’ so much different to the Romans?
    2) Did some assimilation into Roman culture bring perhaps any lasting Etruscan values?

    Thanks so much for this platform, I love this show!

    • Those are very good questions. And I’m not sure if there are enough sources to answer them satisfactorily. Unfortunately I’m not able to do more research on this topic at the moment. But hopefully one day I might be able to…

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