Istanbul Kickstarter Campaign

My Istanbul Kickstarter Campaign begins today! Please consider supporting it before the end of March.

The Kickstarter page is here.

For more details I recorded an episode of the podcast to explain all the options.

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10 thoughts on “Istanbul Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Discovered, seen, loved! Something along the lines of Veni, Vidi, Vici, but hey — less impressive. Still, please receive my big “hello” and I am sure to follow your blog.

  2. David Bevacqua

    Hello Robin I discovered the history of rome somewhere around episode 12 and I have greatly enjoyed your continuation of the narrative.

    I have a recommendation for your trip to Istanbul that I know would greatly enhance the experience for you and your listeners. The tour company Context is worth checking out. Its a network of local experts in great cities around the world with access to the less traveled and well known points of interest. My sister and brother in law started it and it’s now one of the most well regarded intellectual and sustainable tour companies in the world. Check out their website and they could connect you with their network of experts in Turkey, Rome or any of the other great cities in the world.

    I would very much enjoy podcasts made on location in Istanbul, especially if there was a vetted local expert to accelerate and direct your investigations. This is a great opportunity for Context to add to your well produced material. Thanks for your work it is truly a joy for me.

  3. David Bevacqua

    You are very welcome! I just pledged on the kick starter page, can’t wait for the videos! Sorry this sounds like an advertisement, but seriously check out Theres a few good tours available as well as a custom option where you could ask for specific recommendations, contacts, or information on access to private or reserved sites or collections with phd and masters level guides. At least email my sister and see what she can offer! Good luck Robin!

  4. Bryan

    I started listening to this podcast to help me make the most of my visit to Istanbul a few years ago so I’m excited to see it come full circle and where I can help the podcast go to Istanbul!

    A site I have to recommend: If/when you visit the Theodosian walls, make part of that visit to the Castle of Yedikule (7 towers). The fortress itself is a beautiful piece of Ottoman history, but it is built into the city walls around the Golden Gate, the ceremonial gate used during Byzantine Emperor’s Triumphs. It’s a bit off the beaten path and not very busy or well maintained, but it is a beautiful site and rich in both Byzantine and Ottoman history.

  5. Paula

    Hi Robin,
    Pledged on your kickstarter a few days ago. I am so happy that your trip is a go! I hope to join you and the tour next year. One request though, is there any way we can go in the cooler months in Spring or Fall? Less heat and tourists sound better to me. Just some thoughts.
    Thanks for your informative podcast and look forward to the videos etc.

  6. Josh Barnhart

    Hi Robin!

    I discovered the History of Byzantium Podcast after the Kickstarter campaign, but have been binge listening to it since. Almost caught up to current! Loving every minute of it! I was wondering if you would have an option for listeners to support the show or support your editing efforts in the future to gain access the the wonderful content I’m sure you have created as a result of the kickstarter campaign?

    Thank you!

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