Moving to Acast

So, you see there’s a new podcast from me. You click on it. And what do you hear? An advert.

And you’re thinking “oh, no.”

Yes, the History of Byzantium has moved to Acast. For those who don’t know Acast is a podcast hosting company who connect shows with advertisers. They host your show for free and share revenue with the podcast producer

As podcasting has become my career, I had to look into the possibility of advertising in order to help provide for the future. I hope you understand.

So, adverts will now play before and after each episode. But they will not interfere with the show itself. The ads will be localised to your market so they should be relevant for you. And they will play on all of the free episodes, including the back catalogue.

This should not affect the members feeds or your subscription to the free feed. However any move like this is bound to affect someone. So if you have any trouble, my apologies. Please delete your existing feed and resubscribe and everything should be fine. Any other issues contact me at thehistoryofbyzantium @

I hope this is another step in getting us to 1453 and beyond. And I’m hugely grateful for your support.

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4 thoughts on “Moving to Acast

  1. Your podcasts are great. Happy to see you are making money from them.

  2. Geoff McCurdy

    Can I still download the show as normal? I download manually and I had to listen to you and Zack with no mp3 on Acast, I listen to podcasts while I work so it would be really inconvenient for me to keep up with the show……

  3. iupitter.ignace

    Not that I mind, but I’m not hearing any adverts (I’m using the Download link)

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