Episode 58 – Why did the Arabs win? Part 3: They Wanted it More

We explore more issues surrounding why the Arabs won. We look into their society. We explore the great battles themselves and the armies who fought in them.

Arabia and the Fertile Crescent in 600 AD

Arabia and the Fertile Crescent in 600 AD from Wikipedia

Period: 602-695

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3 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Why did the Arabs win? Part 3: They Wanted it More

  1. Interesting material here. As an interesting comparison there was the Battle of Cerami when 50,000 Saracens in 1063 were defeated and utterly routed by 130 Normans and about 350 other foot soldiers. There is no doubt the Saracens wanted it, but the Normans just believed they were invincible.

    Its a combination of morale and tactics that matches that morale perhaps? The Romans had for so long used the avoidance of a pitched battle against against the Sasanids (and it was reciprocated?), they just didn’t have the morale or tactical knowledge to deal with an enemy that fought in a different way.

  2. Priyankar Kandarpa

    Today, 27th November, is the day when this new era in Byzantine history began in 602. On this day, Maurice was slain. Also, on this day in 1095 Pope Urban II gave his speech at Clermont. What a memorable day!

  3. Luka

    I wish you hadn’t quoted Reza Aslan. He’s a deeply unpleasant, dishonest and deceitful individual.

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