Episode 12 – The State (part 1): The Government

One of Anastasius' coins (a semissis)

One of Anastasius’ coins (a semissis)

We finally end our tour of the Empire by examining the Byzantine state. By focussing on the government, the church and the army we see how the Empire is shaping up since the fall of the West and how it is set up to deal with the world we explored in the previous five episodes.

Part 1 is the government as we look at the Emperor, his ministers and the wider civil service.

Period: 518

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5 thoughts on “Episode 12 – The State (part 1): The Government

  1. David Tarkwin

    It’s been a great tour around the empire Robin. I’m almost disappointed that it’ll end. Although, going back to the narrative would also be very interesting. Keep it up!

  2. Dan

    The reference to the emperor’s red boots got me googling again (I don’t really know why, the image just stuck in my mind) and I found this great little PDF on Byzantine costumes: http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/01181/Byzantine%20costume.pdf

    And sure enough, at the bottom of page two, there’s Justinian with some red footwear.

  3. Thanks so much Dan, it will be on the next podcast…

  4. Joe Carroll

    Enjoying the podcasts since discovering them. Long time interest in the Eastern Empire. Presume the red boots and the Popes red shoes are connected?

  5. I imagine some of the Pope’s regalia was inspired by the Imperial outfits…

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