Site being updated

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid the website (which hosts the bonus episodes) is being updated at the moment. This is an update forced on us by the hosting company with no warning – hence my lack of warning to you. Please accept my apologies for the disruption. Bonus feeds and episodes will struggle to function for a short while.

If you would prefer to switch to Patreon (which has the same episodes available plus ad-free feeds) you are welcome to do so ( If you are in the midst of a subscription I will happily refund you for the unused time.

But I hope the site will be up and running again soon. The site does occasionally give us problems. Patreon and other podcast-specific sites are more reliable but they do charge a higher price πŸ™‚

Thanks again for your patience,

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6 thoughts on “Site being updated

  1. Julio

    Hi, Robin

    Are we going to have access to previous bonus episodes once we migrate to Patreon or it’ll be “lost in translation” ? I do enjoy going back and forth to these episodes, as they’re stand-alone stories.

    Thx again for the great show.


  2. Wayne Wilson

    It would appear that a week in that all premium subscribers should move to patreon. Is there some automated way of doing this?

    • There’s no need to conclude that. The company who run our servers dropped an unexpected update on us and it’s taking time to fix. But it will be fixed with no affect on anyone’s subscription. If you prefer to switch to Patreon that’s fine. There is no automatic way to do this.

  3. Andrew Soares

    I was wondering why I missed the last two episodes… Ok, so long as I’m not missing bonus content, I’m good. Thanks!

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